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Childbirth Education

About Our Classes...

Ohio Hills Midwifery sponsors GentleBirth childbirth education workshops twice per year (once in Spring and again in Autumn) in Athens, Ohio.
Class Schedule 2019
Spring Workshop 2019
May 18th 9am-3pm and May 19th 9am-1pm
ArtsWest, Athens Ohio 45701
(sign up or learn more here)
Autumn Workshop 2019
October 19th 9am-3pm and October 20th 9am-1pm
ArtsWest, Athens Ohio 45701
(sign up or learn more here)
GentleBirth is a childbirth preparation methodology that combines brain science, birth science and technology to empower positive birth. Our program, which includes training and education in mindfulness, hypnosis, CBT and sports psychology is well established, backed by evidence based research and the successful positive births and testimonials of thousands of women around the world.
Our GentleBirth workshops will provide you with tools and support to empower you in pregnancy, birth, and beyond...
  • Mental Preparation- building confidence in your mental and emotional resilience is learned and improves with instruction and practice.
  • Navigating Your Options- understanding your options for your birth preferences allows you to feel more calm and in control.
  • Physical Comfort Measures- learning advanced comfort measures and having a full tool kit of strategies is important for you and your partner.

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