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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my appointments be?

Prenatal appointments will be at the Ohio Hills Midwifery office at 

94A Columbus Road

 Athens, Ohio 45701

...with the exception of the 37 week home visit as well as visits in the first week postpartum which take place in the home.


Are there payment plans?

All clients currently pay on a flexible, individualized payment plan with a retainer fee due at the first office visit and the full remaining fee amount due by 37 weeks gestation.  

How will we get a birth certificate?

Your midwife will help you with all the paperwork necessary to get a birth certificate and social security number for your baby, it's a very simple process.

Are there other expenses I should expect?

Yes, there are some things that are not included in the Midwifery Package (a more complete list will be provided to clients upon coming into care) but may include:

  • any ultrasounds you may want or need

  • lab work and tests you may want or need

  • home birth supplies

  • optional birth tub rental

These costs can vary depending on the individual needs of each client but are generally considered reasonable.

Can I have a waterbirth?

Yes, of course!! Many OHM clients choose water labor and/or water birth. Your midwife is trained for and experienced in water birth and believes it can be very beneficial for managing pain. OHM has multiple birth tubs available for rent or you may provide your own, some people use their "garden" bathtubs.

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