Midwifery Students

Students of midwifery, with individual client's consent, may participate in that client's care. Students at Ohio Hills Midwifery work towards becoming midwives through the apprenticeship model, learning alongside a practicing midwife. While having a student involved in your care is completely optional, we are extremely grateful to our clients who choose to participate for helping us teach more students in the art and science of midwifery. Please scroll down to learn more about our current students!

(Please note that at this time, Ohio Hills Midwifery is not accepting any new doula or midwifery students except BIPOC students and because we are a busy bunch, we regrettably cannot respond to inquiries of this nature.) 

Amber Dennis

Amber Dennis

RN, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Midwife Assistant

Amber loved science, health, and caring for people from an early age. She started as an STNA at our local hospital and got her first nursing job at the hospital at age 19. Amber's first child was born by surgical birth, and left her with lots of trauma to work through. After that, she began to look into other options for herself for her next birth, she researched and learned a lot. She began to notice that other pregnant friends and family around her also wanted an alternative to over-medicalized birth. She began attending births as an advocate and support for them in 2012. Soon after, Amber had her second child at home, a redemptive HBAC (Home Birth After Cesarean). There was no looking back, she officially quit her hospital nursing career to begin attending births full time as a doula. She later had her third child, a planned home birth turned hospital transfer, and still had a very different experience than her first due to an amazing birthing team. In the course of the last nine years, Amber has had the opportunity to serve so many families, in many different birthing situations. Her true passion is educating and empowering families to make their own informed decisions, also guided by intuition, about their bodies, their birth experiences, and their babies. She also loves to support VBAC, breastfeeding, and baby wearing.

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