Midwifery Students

Students of midwifery, with individual client's consent, may participate in that client's care. Students at Ohio Hills Midwifery work towards becoming midwives through the apprenticeship model, learning alongside a practicing midwife. While having a student involved in your care is completely optional, we are extremely grateful to our clients who choose to participate for helping us teach more students in the art and science of midwifery. Please scroll down to learn more about our current students!

(Please note that at this time, Ohio Hills Midwifery is not accepting any new doula or midwifery students and because we are a busy bunch, we regrettably cannot respond to inquiries of this nature.) 

Hidayah Walker Husein

I have been fascinated by childbirth since middle school—some of my fondest childhood memories were of reading the birth sections of my biology textbooks and any birth related books I could get my hands on from the library. When it came time for college, I knew midwifery was my calling so I started my studies as a nursing student. Then, I got married. Then, I got pregnant. The combination of my own birth experience and my childhood dream made the urge to be a midwife stronger beyond words! I decided to continue my studies—becoming a nurse aide on maternity floors, a lactation counselor, a birth and postpartum doula, and childbirth educator along the way. Birth is my calling, so I’ve been birth working since 2015, molding my role to whatever stage in life I was at that time or whatever skill set I wanted to develop.

But what calls me to become a home birth midwife specifically is that I have had 3 of my own hospital birth experiences, and each time I felt let down in some way. My heart just longed for the experience of birthing at home - not just naturally - but with my desires and my instincts completely calling the shots. I feel called to this path because I want to provide a space for women in my community to have access to this care and feel safe and confident following the nature they were created to do. I want to help women tap into their birthing power and reclaim their right to decide for themselves without fear of judgment or inequitable treatment. While I am nervous to be stepping out fully following my heart in such uncertain times, I am more excited have finally begun my midwifery studies. I am also so very appreciative of any support I have received along this path!

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