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"Lauren intuitively knew exactly what I needed to have the birth I wanted. My husband and mom felt supported by her too. I used her Montirice services and loved that I didn’t go to the hospital any earlier than I needed too and was able to have a birth with no interventions.
Lauren is smart, generous, and strong! I highly recommend her services and her!"

-Clarissa H.

Monitrice Services

What is a Monitrice?

  A monitrice is a trained labor and birth coach and consumer advocate with advanced skills. Much like a doula, a monitrice can provide support through the course of pregnancy and childbirth. A monitrice will come to your house in labor and can be especially helpful in determining when to go to the hospital. A monitrice can use clinical skills such as internal cervical exams and listening to fetal heart tones to help monitor progress before you go to the hospital.

 A monitrice will provide supplemental care designed to complement the care provided by your physician. Hour long visits during your pregnancy assure time to address your questions and emotional concerns. A monitrice is also trained to provide continuous support and comfort measures in labor and birth to enhance the medical care of your chosen doctor. She will support you in early labor, monitoring both you and your baby at home to avoid arriving at the hospital too early. She is an informed consumer advocate and labor coach who will work with you in the hospital to achieve your optimal birth experience.

 The Monitrice Program includes:

  • prenatal information as needed/requested

  • help gathering information to make informed decisions

  • assistance in developing a birth preference list (birth plan), if desired

  • at least two prenatal visits

  • on-call availability for labor support from 37-42 weeks gestation

  • guidance in navigating personal emotional growth through the pregnancy

  • continuous labor support in clients home and/or hospital

  • dilation/cervical checks in labor to help avoid arriving at the hospital too early.

  • fetal heart tone checks during labor

  • encouragement and support for partner/father

  • advocacy for client's preferences and wishes

  • 2 hours immediate postpartum support

  • help facilitating bonding and nursing

  • at least one postpartum home visit

To set up a free consultation to learn more about The Monitrice Program contact me here.